Robin Hood - a nine hour audio book

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Robin Hood

by Paul Creswick

The man: the legend. One of the greatest stories of all time! More than nine-and a half hours of listening.

The story of Robin Hood was re-told on the big screen in 2010, with Russell Crowe and Cate Blachett in the lead roles. However, this audio book is not associated with that movie. It is the classic Robin Hood story, as told by Paul Creswick.

It's all here: the story of how Robin lost his birthright as the King's Ranger at Locksley, his archery feats at Nottingham, the outlaws' war with the Sheriff, Robin's pursuit of Marian, and many tales of bravery, rescue, laughter and rivalry with Little John, Friar Tuck, Allan-a-Dale, Much the Miller, Will Scarlett, and all the others.

Now you can have this incomparable story read to you, in a gripping 2010 full stereo audio book. This audio book features a co-narrator, Sonya Matthews, who plays Marian.

The story is adapted from the Paul Creswick text. It is full-length, and entirely faithful to the original story, but with minor revisions to make the original, archaic language understandable to the 21st century listener.


The artwork on the front and back covers, and in the enclosed 16-page contents booklet, is by N.C. Wyeth, who did multiple cover 'plates' which were such a feature in the original 1903 book.

Now you can have this incomparable story read to you. This audio book is:

  • 9 hours, 41 minutes
  • 35 chapters divided into 90 audio tracks, making it easy to resume listening at any time
  • all character voices
  • features a full suite of sound effects and theme music

You can purchase the Robin Hood audio book direct from this web site. (See below.)

Here are the chapter headings:

Disc 1

1. Hugh Fitzooth the King's Ranger at Locksley
2. Arrival at Gamewell Manor
3. Nottingham Fair
4. A riot at the Fair

Disc 2

5. The 'Yellow Woman' of Gamewell Manor
6. Preparing the Scarlet Knight
7. A plot against the Scarlet Knight
8. The Sheriff's archery prize
9. A tragedy at Locksley

Disc 3

10. Clouds gathering on Robin's horizon
11. The Royal tourney in Sherwood
12. “We all saw this fellow shoot the deer”
13. Banished from Gamewell Manor

Disc 4

14. The destruction of Robin's home
15. “I have to warn Will o' the' Green”
16. Much the Miller joins the outlaws
17. Little John and the Bishop of Hereford

Disc 5

18. Gilbert arrives; Little John departs
19. The Sheriff visits the Barnesdale caves
20. A wedding interrupted
21. Middle the tinker

Disc 6

22. Baptized in the river
23. A terrible fate for Will Stuteley
24. A limping beggar comes to Nottingham Fair
25. Sir Richard of the Lee
26. Marie Monceux's forged letter

Disc 7

27. Little John takes his sacks to Nottingham
28. Will Scarlett and the Princess of Aragon
29. A narrow escape from the Bishop
30. Time running out to save Little John

Disc 8

31. Escape and retreat to the hills
32. The Black Knight and Friar Tuck
33. King Richard the Lionheart
34. Two weddings in Nottingham
35. Epilogue

This audio book comes in two editions.

1) The standard audio CD edition of Robin Hood (eight audio CDs, as pictured) OR

2) An MP3 CD edition of Robin Hood (featuring the same artwork, and also including a PDF e-book, so you can read along with the narration).
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