Orwell's Animal Farm - a three-hour audio book

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Animal Farm

by George Orwell

What happens when animals take over Mr Jones' farm?

In Orwell's words: "It is the history of a revolution that went wrong — and of the excellent excuses that were forthcoming at every step for the perversion of the original doctrine."

Animal Farm is a satirical novel (Orwell called it "a fairy story") about a group of animals who oust the humans from the farm they live on and run it themselves, only to have it corrupted into a brutal tyranny on its own.

Originally written in 1945 as a satire on Soviet communism under Stalin, it did not achieve popularity until the late 1950’s. Many people have drawn from it the simple message that "power corrupts".

Even children get the message, as the simply-worded but powerful story unfolds, with the pigs leading the horses, sheep, hens and other animals in setting up co-operative "Animalism" on their revolutionary farm. The pigs (and the dogs) then twist "Animalism" to suit their own ends, at the expense of the other animals.


Now you can have this incomparable story read to you.
This audio version is completely faithful to Orwell’s novel.

  • 3 hours, 02 minutes
  • 10 chapters (27 audio tracks)
  • all character voices

You can purchase the Animal Farm audio book direct from this web site. (See below.)

This audio book comes in two editions:

1) The standard audio CD edition of Animal Farm (three audio CDs, as pictured) OR

2) An MP3 CD edition of Animal Farm(featuring the same artwork, and also including a PDF e-book, so you can read along with the narration).

Animal Farm is also available (along with Orwell's other 20th century classic, Nineteen Eighty-Four - both premium recordings) as part of the compilation George Orwell's Greatest Hits from Sody Audio Books.

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