MP3's can save you money!  They are simply a different, more efficient way of recording audio.

Normal audio CD's use "WAV" files.  WAV files take up large amounts of digital space, so a normal audio CD can contain only a maximum of 80 minutes recording. 

MP3's of similar quality use only about one-tenth as much digital space so a CD of MP3 recordings can be ten times as long as a normal audio CD, perhaps longer.

A long audio book that runs for several hours will require maybe 4, 5, 6 or more standard audio CDs.

However the same lengthy recording will fit onto a single MP3 CD, making the recording cheaper to produce and to distribute.

MP3 CD's will play in computers, and in many (but not all) recently-made CD or DVD players.

If in doubt, check the manual or the product specifications for your CD/DVD player.  If you aren't sure, it's safer to buy standard audio CDs.

Most of my titles on this website can be purchased as:

  • an MP3 CD
  • a collection of standard audio CDs, or
  • an MP3 download

My MP3 CDs use the same high-quality packaging and artwork as the standard audio CDs.

However, if an audio book is under 80 minutes, and therefore short enough to fit onto a single, standard audio CD, then I don't bother to produce a separate MP3 CD version.  There's no point if one CD = one CD.

When viewing the page for any audio book, there is a drop-down box at the bottom of the page which will allow you to choose either a set of audio CDs, or an MP3 CD if that option is available.