About Me

Before recording my first audio book, I had a 23-year professional career on Australian commercial radio. For 18 of those years I was employed as a newscaster (and sometimes disc jockey, sometimes current affairs commentator) on some of Australia’s best-known radio stations.

I have also, at times, indulged a passion for theatrics with part-time dramatic and comic roles in local theatre productions in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

But it was my consistent and award-winning performances on radio that made me well known to hundreds of thousands of Australian listeners from 1979 to 1997.

My radio career included stints as a newsreader and/or announcer on:

  • Sydney’s 2GB (1979-80 and 1982-85)
  • Perth's 6PR and 6IX (1980)
  • Sydney's 2UE (1981)
  • Adelaide's 5AD (1986-1997)
  • Adelaide's 5DN (1985-86 and 1994-97)
  • Adelaide's 891 5AN (1997-98)

Highlights of my radio career included:

  • 1995. Victims of Crime Service: Mitchell Award “for excellence in crime reporting.”
  • 1994. Rawards (Australian Radio Industry Awards) Finalist: Best Current Affairs Commentator (Metropolitan)
  • 1994. Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide: Media Citation “for professional excellence and leadership in the community of South Australia.”

I have always enjoyed reading bedtime stories to children and so, as a logical extension of that, I began recording audio books in 2005. My first title (and my most successful to date) was The War Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells. Since March 2005, I have sold thousands of audio books, mostly through eBay. For more than 10 years (2007-17) I operated my own eBay store but the gradual transition from physical sales to downloads made my eBay outlet eventually redundant, You can still get CDs but only through this website, using the international payment services of Paypal, allowing you fast, safe, secure payment options through any credit card, debit card or bank account.

My audio books represent great value for money because I have completely eliminated any middle-man. When you buy an audio book from me, you are dealing with the narrator-producer, marketer and salesperson all in one!

I offer a 30-day warranty on every audio book, and I am continually expanding my catalogue of books available